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At, we respect your privacy.  In Canada, it's against the law to share personal information, and we subscribe to this policy. is owned by Executive Media Inc, and may be used by Executive Media for marketing and research purposes.  You can subscribe at any time.  In fact, if you feel you have any questions or concerns, please simply email us directly

Your financial information is secure and encrypted. uses the services of SHOPIFY and PAYPAL and we do not have access to your credit card information. It is connected directly to our bank and is secured and protected from even us.  We cannot collect more than you have agreed to have authorized on your purchase.

Shipping Privacy
To respect your privacy and "labelling" on your packages, we do not add our store name or your contents to our shipping.  Our signature BLUE GLAM packaging comes with our return address and the "F" labelling only.  We also due not post the contents of your package on any labels.  Basically, if you want to get your shipment sent to your work, it will arrive without others knowing what you have coming! :)  The only exception to this is some international shipments, we use "Men's Clothing" as our description, unless your customs requests more detail.  Then, there isn't much we can do.

Terms of Use online store we respect our relationship with you. 

"In stock" items are defined as available in our current inventory, or with our partners and providers.  Because our inventory is always changing, items qualify as "in stock" by the following terms:

  • In stock in our Warehouse
  • In stock and currently available with our manufactures or providers
  • In stock and available from our partners

Most items are in stock in our warehouse, but some are special order.  Any items that have been ordered on your behalf do not qualify for a refund. is owned by Executive Media Inc, and includes our sister stores and  We do not merge or share our mailing lists for our stores, but may include information about them in your emails.

Discount Codes and Promotions provides discounts and promotional codes for use on our site.  1 code permitted per order.  Codes cannot be combined. reserves the right to terminate and expire any code, at any time for any reason. will only deny a used code if it is believe to have been, or it is found to have been sourced fraudulently or inappropriately.  You will be notified of this, and will have the option to cancel your order, or provide an alternative. 

Your commitment and refunds:
By purchasing with, you are committing to your purchase with us.  If an item has become unavailable for you for any reason, we will offer you to choose an alternative of the same (or similar) value, to wait until your item is available, or offer a refund.  If we cannot provide your product in our "shipping window" of 4-6 weeks, we will offer you an alternative or refund.  Please see our SHIPPING page for more information 

Contacting You Regarding information: At Fundies, we guarantee will take any reasonable measure to contact you regarding your order.  We have to say this part for many reasons, and we ask for your understanding:

  • You may have a typo in your email address or phone number
  • You may choose to not share your phone number
  • Email Spam filtering my intercept our emails to you

For these reasons, while we will give you every opportunity to respond to our dialogue requests or notifications regarding your order, we may make decisions on your behalf.