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Information you need to know:  First of all, we respect your privacy.  We will use your email address to share information about our discounts, products, stores and related business information only.  So, no selling of your email address or sharing.  Besides, that's illegal in Canada.

Free Shipping discount codes will change from time to time, for security reasons.  We will update this codes via our newsletter.  Registering for our newsletter automatically gets you this discount.  You will need to enter in this discount code upon checkout to receive the discount.  Free Shipping qualifies up to $20 in shipping costs.  Shipping method will be selected by Fundies staff, based on size, speed and cost.  Most methods will include a tracking number, but not all methods will include a tracking number.

If for some reason, the code you have on record does not work any longer, please check your email and see if you've missed a newsletter.  Worst case, just fire us an email and we'll update your code for you :) No stress, just happy!  FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE is a promotional offer, and may end without notice... but we doubt that.  It's extremely popular.  Thank you for joining our family!

SHIPPING primary couriers are Canada Post and FEDEX .  Shipping charges (in most cases) will be determined with your purchase. reserves the right to review shipping charges and adjust accordingly if it is inaccurate or there is an error.  We will attempt to notify you of any changes.  Your credit card will NOT be charged without your consent (we just physically can't even do that!).  If you choose to decline our shipping method, reserves the right to cancel your order, with full refund.  

  • Funds are collected when your products are packed for shipping, or when orders are placed on your behalf
  • Shipping charges are an estimate, and additional fees may be requested
  • We do not provide product pickup services
  • reserves the right to cancel any order, for any reason
  • Suspect fraudulent orders will be reported to appropriate authorities
  • Tracking numbers are provided to you via email, if applicable for your shipping method.

While most items ship within 2-3 business days, shipping time may be 6-8 weeks due to custom orders, limited engagement, back order and out of stock.  When items are "back ordered" or custom ordered pieces, shipping may take longer.  In this case, we will ship items as soon as they are available to us.

Our offer is simple!  Sign up for our newsletter, and you will receive a discount code that will get you free shipping for life, on all orders over $100.  The shipping method is determined by the available methods, dictated by size.  In MOST cases, this method will include a tracking number, but not all cases.  We include a new free shipping code from time to time in our newsletters, so don't miss yours!  We update this code from time to time due to security reasons.

Understanding Canada Post Shipping Options (Does my shipping method give me a tracking #?)
To learn more about Canada Post shipping options, and if your selected method includes tracking #'s and delivery times, please Visit or CLICK HERE for shipping details.

Understanding FEDEX Shipping
All methods of FEDEX provide tracking codes, and is therefore slightly more expensive than Canada Post

Courier/Shipping work stoppage
In the event of a work stopped, or strike by one of our shipping providers, we may choose to hold your order or select an alternative method to ship to you. Differences in costs will be absorbed wherever possible, but additional fees may apply.  If your package has already been sent, and there is a work stoppage, your package will arrive after the work stoppage is over and service is resumed.  We will not be sending a replacement as this us unfortunately out of our control.

DROP SHIPPING does provide drop shipping to other online retailers, and yes, you may receive a package from us even though you purchased from another store.  We include their packaging whenever applicable.  Vendors - to arrange a drop ship agreement please Contact Us may subscribe to the drop shipping services of other online retailers in the event of low stock or slow delivered product.  If you receive a package from another online retailer, of an order your placed with do not worry.  The only information this other retailer will receive about you is your shipping address.  We secure our own payment to them, your financial and personal information are kept safe with us, including your optional online profile information.


Shipping Privacy
To respect your privacy and "labelling" on your packages, we do not add our store name or your contents to our shipping.  Our signature BLUE GLAM packaging comes with our return address and the "F" labelling only.  We also do not post the contents of your package on any labels.  Basically, if you want to get your shipment sent to your work, it will arrive without others knowing what you have coming! :)  The only exception to this is some international shipments, we use "Men's Clothing" as our description, unless your customs requests more detail.  Then, there isn't much we can do.


Substitutions and Missing items reserves the right to replace a piece in your order with another color, if the color you have selected has become unavailable.  We will not substitute a different style or manufacturer.  You will be contacted before we substitute via the email address you provide on your order.  If we do not hear back in 48 hours, we may substitute and ship your order.

If an item is on back order, we may ship your order without this item, and send it at a later date.  This will be of not charge to you.

All products are shipped in good order.  If a product is not received in good order, notification to must be completed within 48 hours of courier deliver/signing.  Faulty or error products must be received within 30 days for a full replacement.  The purchaser is responsible for all return shipping costs, if the product is found to be not faulty it does not qualify as a return.

  • All returns must be un-worn
  • All returns must be unwashed
  • All returns must accompany original packaging and tags, attached (if applicable)

Contact for return address information, and to notify us of your pending return. 


Refunds does not provide a refunds, due to the nature of our products.  We respect the hygene and intergrity of our staff and their health.  If a product is faulty, we with provide a replacement or a similar alternative.

In-Stock - Understanding Our Online Stores
At, we carry many different styles and types of products.  While most of our items "for sale" are in our warehouse and will ship next 2-3 Business days, we do carry "custom order" and "limited engagement" items that may need to be custom ordered on your behalf.  We guarantee that all items will be shipping within 6-8 weeks because of these elements.  Most items will ship right away.

Back Order Items
If an item is in back order status, we will attempt to notify you of the delay, and offer an alternative or an ETA.  It we cannot provide your order within our shipping window of 6-8 weeks, you can opt to accept a refund of your order as long as your items have not been pre-purchased and the items aren't in transit to our store.