Out of Stock Requests

AW NUTS!  "We've Got Your Backside" isn't really true if we can't help you with OUT OF STOCK items, now is it?

Is the item you were looking for out of stock?  We can help.  Here are a couple of notes about Out of Stock items

  • At Fundies.ca, we remove items that are discontinued, or no longer available.  This is just the right thing to do!
  • If something is "Out of Stock" that means it's either incoming to us, or currently being manufactured and will be on it's way soon.

If there is any piece you find on Fundies.ca that is Out of Stock, please feel free to email us below the item you're looking for and we can give you an ETA on the item, or source it from one of our partners for you ASAP!  We understand, sometimes you just can't wait to get your junk into a new fresh pair of underwear!

Thanks again or shopping on Fundies.ca Men's Underwear Store