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Hello Friends!  As we compile our new store, assebling products can be daunting at times! Emails, phone calls, meetings... and a lot of credit!  We are glad to welcome a new friend to  Body Aware is a USA Company, that manufactures in the USA (we love that!) and we're proud to say we've been approved to carry their products on  Please understand how special we feel!  Body Aware has NEVER allowed another online store (or any store that they don't own) to sell their products anywhere in North America! 

Because caters to loving couples and a fun comfortable shopping experience for both Men and Women, David and the team at Body Aware allowed us to become the FIRST in North America to sell their products outside their own stores.  Body Aware is sold around the world, and based in Arizona.  Thanks David!

Please browse the ever-growing catalogue from Body Aware HERE!


Zack Hewitt

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