• Announcing Free Shipping!*

    Fundies is kicking off our new store, new products and new excitement with FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE! 

    This is a GREAT deal for you!

    How it works:

    The steps are simple!  

    1. Sign up for our newsletter anytime!  For quick access, click HERE
    2. We'll email you a verification form... do that so we know you're a real human!
    3. Open our Thank You email for your instant discount code for FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE
    4. Go Shopping and save on shipping!

    If you prefer shipping with tracking, or expedited shipping, you can still pay the normal shipping fees if you'd like.

    We do update this code from time to time, so if yours doesn't work, simply contact us!  Keep an eye on your Super Awesome Newsletter to save even more, and to receive your updated FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE discount code.

    This code is a multi-use code, and you can use it over and over again.  FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE is a limited time offer and may expire at any time.


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  • New items from Body Aware

    We have new Body Aware products and stock! 

    Did you know, that is the only store to sell Body Aware products online outside of their own corporate store?  It's true!  They loved our approach to selling to couples, and now we have more great items!  Check out these pioneers of undies at this link!  To celebrate, we have posted all new items on sale.  Hurry!  It looks like they're selling fast!

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